Friday, August 20, 2021

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? #4 ~ Chris Coulstring


Next up in my; "Where Are They Now" series, is: Chris Coulstring

A graduate of Prairie College, Chris was the lead singer of a band called: Six Inch Rule (most of you can figure out where that came from! SIR eventually became Boxtree and the band had quite a number of personnel while they were active.

Chris now lives in Stony Plain, AB, with his wife Sharon (also a grad of PBC) and their family. Chris is a Youth Pastor at Beach Corner Church.
In a story much longer than we have room for and you have time to read, we set out to record the debut Boxtree album in my basement studio in our house in Three Hills, which we had named: The White House Recording Company. (The house was white!) Eldon Winter and myself worked on the album and to make a long story short, the album was never completed. What was released were scratch mixes and bits and pieces that we cobbled together from DAT tapes.
One little anecdote: We were working on a song called: "The Fisherman Song" and we felt it needed some background vocals. We were working late at night and there was nobody there but Eldon and I, so the task of both singing the background vocals and recording them fell to us. Grabbing the remote and squeezing ourselves into the very small, very crude vocal booth we set about becoming background singers. Now keep in mind that neither of us consider ourselves to be singers of any kind and also keep in mind that I was kicked out of High School choir and failed miserably my audition for the High School Chorale.

We were laughing so hard, it literally took us several hours to record some pretty straight forward parts.

You can check out the song on youtube:

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